Polishing & Dicing

PLC Connections offers polishing and dicing services for all types of PLC components and optical circuits. Our full-service shop can handle any of your toughest edge-polishing requirements with competitive rates and quick delivery. Bring us any size project for superior precision and performance.

Specifications & Options

  • Angle tolerance: ±0.3 degrees standard, ±0.1 degree on request.
  • Flatness tolerance: ± 1 wave standard, ± ¼ wave on request.
  • Scratch/dig: 20/10 standard, 10/5 on request (100% inspection in critical areas).
  • Dicing of all optical substrates and materials, up to 6mm thickness.
  • Diced slots with depth control to ± 2 µm.
  • Available blade widths from 30 to 300 µm.
  • Polish angles: +60º to -60º.