Custom Fiber Arrays

PLC Connections is an industry leader in providing reliable arrays to meet physical and power transmission specifications. What sets us apart: our ability to manufacture and deliver arrays on time, with user-defined geometries, 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D, mixed fiber types, and custom polish angles.

Specifications & Options

  • Precision V-grooved quartz substrates. Other materials available upon request.
  • 2-D and 3-D array configurations of 2x2 to 8x8. Custom arrangements available upon request.
  • Standard fiber counts from 1 to 64. Higher counts available upon request.
  • Fiber types of SM, PM, MM, POF, and customer provided.
  • Obtainable PER ≥30dB.
  • Operating temperature range of 200°C.
  • Standard 1-D arrays with pitch of 127, 250 or 254µm. Custom configurations available upon request.
  • Custom array dimensions such as: base & lid thickness, fiber core to edge distance, length, width, and height.
  • Additional accessories include: AR coating, lens attachment, loose tubing, and connectors.
  • Pitch accuracy better than ±1µm fiber-to-fiber, non-cumulative.
  • Any polish angle with nominal scratch/dig.