Company Overview

PLC Connections provides specialty products and services for the integrated optics community. We supply custom fiber arrays, power splitters, dicing, edge polishing and packaging services for a variety of silica PLC and silicon photonics applications. Our key personnel have decades of relevant industry experience and welcome unique requirements which require novel solutions.


Meet The Team

PLC Connections is a team of optical, electrical, and mechanical engineers who have developed and applied PLCs across multiple disciplines. Staff and affiliates come from leading telecom companies engaged in research, development, and manufacturing of optoelectronics and PLC modules and assemblies. Customers benefit from our core experience in manufacturing, coupled with the high standards of reliability demanded by the telecom environment.

Tadashi Miyashita - President
Tadashi has spent 40+ years in the optics industry as an engineer at NTT developing PM Panda fiber and identifying the C-band, as President of PIRI commercializing planar lightwave circuit technology, and as a consultant to PLC Connections LLC. He brings with him a deep understanding of waveguide optics, PLC technology, and PM fiber expertise.

Michael O'Brian - COO
In addition to co-founding PLC Connections LLC in 2004, Michael (Mike) was also an engineer at PIRI playing key roles in the development of techniques for fiber bonding to optical circuits, PLC chip polishing, and reliability testing of optical components. His expertise with PLC chip polishing and bonding will be invaluable to PLC Connections.

Andy Spector - VP Sales
Andy brings 25+ years experience of marketing and sales for PLC and PIC based products across a range of industries including telecommunications, sensors, biophotonics, aerospace and research. He has held similar positions with industry leaders such as PIRI, JDS Uniphase and ANDevices.

Alec Sichko - Senior Engineer
As a former VP and product engineer at PLC Connections LLC, Alec handled Si-Photonic optical I/O development and specialty fiber array design and manufacture. He will continue in these efforts to provide customers with optical components tailored to their system needs.