PLCC Expands Custom PLC and SiP Offerings

Complementing our core fiber array manufacturing, polishing and packaging businesses, PLCC offers turnkey solutions for custom design and development of novel optical components in silica glass. We have relationships with leading foundries who process novel PLC circuits using state-of-the-art lithographic and etching techniques. We deliver a variety of custom PLC products including specialty AWGs, Mach-Zehnder Interferometers and proprietary circuits for sensing applications. Our customers span telecommunications, aerospace, bio/chem-sensors and research markets.

In response to market needs for high-precision polishing of Si circuits, PLCC has responded by developing high-accuracy methods for ledge removal on Si die.

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Low Loss Edge Coupling to SiP Die

As low loss coupling to Si-P die has become critical, PLCC now offers UHNA and lensed fiber arrays to improve coupling efficiency. Several of our customers have chosen PLCC to provide bonding services tapping our experience to provide low loss interconnections. We welcome unique inquiries as we are able to modify our fiber arrays as necessary to match custom bonding requirements. Please contact PLCC for more information.